You, the Devil, & Me EP

by The Mechanicals

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You, the Devil, & Me is the debut release from the Mechanicals.


released September 11, 2010

recorded at Cedar Street Studios
produced, mixed & mastered by Ted Richardson
all songs written by Noah Young & Jaryd Tookmanian



all rights reserved


The Mechanicals Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Hatred
if you are cold
i'll be a thin coat around you
did you hear what i spoke
when i said that i loved you
do you love me too
but i am not safe
i am not healthy for you, for you
make no mistake
i will take what i can
& you will take what i give to you

i heard you were dead
i heard you had long left, anyways, anyways
you speak in the wind
yeah, you move in the coldness
i'm sure of it
did you mean what you said
when you said you got angry for me
i think i believed you then
i believed you then

there was a time you filled my glass
when i fell from the swings onto blades of grass
the feeling was needles as you passed underneath
in the name my parents chose for me

but i hate all this hatred on my tongue
it just burns into smoke that fills my lungs
wasn't it hatred when you hung like a thief
like me, for the guilt of all i've done
or haven't done
Track Name: Taken by the Heel
god was a black smudge on the white paint
of the rooftop where we sat
a dirty fingerprint not wiped away
but left there & forgotten about
me & my brother don't drink water
we don't breathe in oxygen
yet we talk & talk & talk
we talk

i am my father, i am my father
in the cold outside the bar
no angel tongue, no small white dog
to take me up where you were sitting
i see a worry in your eyes
"hold on to your birthright"
i don't need it anymore
on swollen tongues our words are lost
we're lost

where did you get the idea
i still owed you anything of mine
this old guitar couldn't be worth more
than maybe a couple hundred dollars
& you, you were merely a castle i built
from the sand, all wrought with fear & self-deprecation
the waves will ruin when they come
they come, they come

& i don't know what it is that keeps me waking
i don't know what it is
& i don't know where you went when you went driving
i don't know what it is

oh my god
Track Name: Brother
i've been alone all night
master of all the kingdoms i find
in the cold
in the snow
at night

what did you hope, hope to find
when you came to my room
did you see how bright it shone
with all the hate that i feel for you
all the hate in my bones

you & i will be spirits in fear of one another
we will travel like ghosts through our parent's house
& when the answer is questioned, i will answer my intention
god when he comes around
i'll sing devil come & sleep next to me

we stood & watched a burning sky
just a song in a dream
but it made me feel clean again
sister when you feel clean again
will you come back home

so i'll stay alone & be alright
you can undress your wounds
'cause time's such a shitty salve
but god it will be allowed
so long as there's supply

i will sing
Track Name: J.B.
the grass don't cut my feet
so i walk on the concrete & look for broken glass
& the air don't burn my throat
so i fill my lungs with smoke from another cigarette
& if the words won't let you know
i should just bury all my hope & find a home again
god if i had one

well, they claimed to see the lord
but i considered him a lure, & i am so afraid
'cause when i don't hear you speak
i break off in retreat & i forget to pray
once i asked you for the answer
but the answer was you didn't give a damn
god if i gave one

even walking has its season
& my reasons aren't what they used to be
my steps are all off-kilter
& i'm breaking off the filter when i breathe
i knew the words to all your songs
but the truth it sounded wrong in a tired melody
if i could make one
i'd make a new one

so hallelujah
i would not sleep here if i could
Track Name: New
i know a man who takes what he can get
living by the things he believes in
raising a family & swimming through sand
i shudder to think

i am young, but once i was younger
when we swam in lakes to spite the summer heat
& i saw something, i swear i saw jesus
i swear i saw something that i could take

& we saw the faces of the people we loved
burst into flames for the light display
in colors so brilliant, in flashes so bright
i couldn't look away

& i felt the heat in the palm of my hand
sweating, impatient, embrace the land
you were as i, cold & alone
you're breaking to pieces on the telephone

& i heard the spirit in the calm of my head
the peace of my heart & the peace of the land
& you've come to take me & break what i am
you make me a new man, a new man

oh my god, a new man
oh my god